D.O.T. regulations require an annual cargo tank inspection of all transports used in the hauling of hazardous material and must meet D.O.T. specifications.  

We are a one stop for both inspections and repairs.

The Support Department at Worley Welding Works, Inc. performs cargo tank inspections in a D.O.T registered shop, CT# 0342, with an ASME "U" stamp and a national board "R" stamp. Our registered inspectors will perform a preliminary inspection and provide to you an estimated cost of any needed repairs to pass inspection. Our team takes on the tasks of checking for safe entry,  issuing safe entry permits, steaming, hydro testing, ultrasonic thickness testing, calibration of tanks and performing all other required aspects of D.O.T. cargo tank Inspection.

Our staff is experienced at replacing light wiring, brakes, suspensions, fenders, bumpers, valves, pipes, man ways, along with repairing corrosion to tanks and applying exterior paint and interior lining.  Most inspections and repairs are completed in 3 to 30 days. We have our own yard jockey so just drop your transport off and we'll take it from there.

We can also completely refurbish, reline, and repaint your equipment.  

Come by and tour our facility. We would love to perform your next annual cargo tank inspection.