Safety Program

Worley Welding Works, Inc. is very proud of its safety program.  On May 11th 2008, we buried our old record of 5,947 days without a lost-time accident.  We celebrated that record by attending two Texas Rangers baseball games in July 2008.  We continue to celebrate that incredible record as we now make plans to beat 5,947 days with a new best record. We are currently being challenged by Mike Worley to go to 2,500 days without a lost-time accident as our next milestone, which we will reach at the end of the day on November 23rd, 2016. After we reach that goal, we will go as a company to a Dallas Cowboys game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. You will see updates about our Cheer Contests and Safety Challenges as we draw closer to that date.

Our employees are required to sign a safety contract upon employment in which they promise to take care of safety concerns first thing each morning and then perform maintenance and repair on equipment. These two responsibilities are to be taken care of prior to beginning their work day.  We, as a company in turn, provide our employees with whatever type of top quality safety and protective equipment they may need in order to perform their job safely and protect themselves and others from injury.   Our company safety motto is "SAFETY IS EVERYONE'S JOB".  

We have a Safety Manager and a Safety Supervisor.  All employees have specific safety assignments that they are responsible for.   Safety inspections are performed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly depending on the type of equipment involved.  We have monthly and quarterly safety meetings and each department is responsible for putting on a safety meeting.  We have a formal Safety Program as well as a Safety Bonus plan which rewards our employees for working each day safely through Safety Awards and Bonus Money.